Baldwin Hills – A Neighborhood on the Mend

Los Angeles has long been associated with endemic gang violence and crime issues. Unfortunately, for much of the city’s history, this association has been a relatively fair one. In the late 60s and again in the early 90s riots ripped much of the city asunder. In the times between regular criminal activities with occasional large flare ups of violence have been a sad part of the fabric of our city.

In recent years, much of the city has been very much on the rebound, as it were. From Downtown to South Los Angeles (as it was re-designated to break the stigma of the area’s former name, South Central), Los Angeles is becoming a much safer place to live, to work and to raise a family.

And what does that mean? Well, many things. But for our purposes, it means that for the home hunter who is willing to bet the city’s ascendance will continue, now is the time to buy! Baldwin Hills is a neighborhood of Los Angeles it would be easy enough to overlook. It is tucked to the south of the 10 Freeway and to the east of Culver City. It shares borders with some historically unpleasant areas on its own eastern edge and, as such, is an area many seek to avoid. But this reaction is out of date. Restaurants and shops are cropping up and homes are available. Take a look yourself and see if maybe you can’t picture what this neighborhood could look like in a few years’ time.

Take a look at these stats (as of 10/18/11):

1 BR: Active Listings – 5 • Lowest – $190,000 • Average – $197,200 • Highest – $199,000

2 BR: Active Listings – 8 • Lowest – $269,900 • Average – $308,675 • Highest – $349,000

3 BR: Active Listings – 6 • Lowest – $250,000 • Average – $347,500 • Highest – $389,000

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