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Looking To Purchase A Condo In LA?

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If you’re looking for a Los Angeles condo, you have found the right place.
Welcome to CondoDomain LA, your online destination for everything Los Angeles Real Estate.
When you are looking for a LA condo, the first thing you are looking for is an awesome new pad and last thing you are looking for is stress! The search for a new LA condo should be an exciting adventure and not a hassle.
Here at CondoDomain LA you can search for LA condominiums and lofts, tour Los Angeles properties, as well as get …

Welcome to CondoDomain LA!

The CondoDomain LA site has been designed to help guide you through everything that is condo, loft, and high-rise living in Los Angeles.
We offer both buyers brokerage and sellers brokerage services as well as help renters in the LA condo market business model.
Meaning that we only work exclusively with YOU to help you buy, sell or rent your new Los Angeles Condo.
Surf the LA Condo Market.
CondoDomain LA operates an innovative real estate brokerage model specializing in LA condos! Our team at CondoDomain LA uses our knowledge of the Los Angeles …

Manhattan Beach Bliss

You could do a lot worse than Manhattan Beach when looking for a place to call home. While it is not, shall we say, gentle on the wallet to live there, I’ve found a few deals for you that will soften the blow. And when you see the area, you’ll be more ready to take the proverbial punch.

Manhattan Beach is a fully incorporated, independent city within the County of Los Angeles. And in fact it has been since 1910, making it a decently old city by west coast standards. The …

Downtown Los Angeles – The Arts District

You probably already know that Downtown Los Angeles is rapidly becoming a pretty cool place to live. Even longtime Angelenos are often surprised at just how “urban” the actual city center can feel. One tends to picture the Hollywood Sign, Bel Air mansions, surfers, wide boulevards cutting among hip neighborhoods and past rolling mountains when someone says “Los Angeles.” But the actual downtown – the place where city hall, sky scrapers, court houses, etc. come together – feels like a “real city.” It’s flavored by a pinch of New York, …

Go Uptown to Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles has been a major focus for the city government for nearly a decade.  Officials in this part of town have sought to introduce new life into an area once forsaken.  The goal in this quickly gentrifying area has been to rid it of its massive homeless population and transform it into a desirable residential and commercial location.
That work has been paying off.  A recent study by The Downtown Center Business Improvement District concluded that the location is now a hotspot for the young and affluent.  The news …

Condos in Downtown LA — is this the time to buy?

It comes as no surprise that Los Angeles was rocked just as soundly by the recent housing crisis and subsequent recession that shook America (and the world). The actual statistics, however, may still shock those looking to buy a new home. Especially in the rapidly burgeoning neighborhood of downtown LA. In one development, for example, condos that had been converted from warehouses into chic, upscale modern residences priced in the $500ks to the $900ks in 2006 are now selling for as little as $70k. I know because friends of mine …

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