El Monte – Yet Another City in a City

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you have probably never heard of El Monte. If you do live here, you may well have heard of the place but know nothing about it. That, more and more these days, would be to your detriment.

Did you know, for example, that El Monte is a fully incorporated city in the central-eastern part of L.A. (in the San Gabriel Valley, for those in the know)? Or that it is home to well over 100,000 residents? Or that in the 18th century Spanish settlers, missionaries and soldiers frequented the area? And were you aware that next year, 2012, marks the centennial of the founding of El Monte?

If you didn’t know any of that, I forgive you. You also probably didn’t know that there are dozens of 3 bedroom condos available there for under $250k. And 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condos for around $150 thousand. That’s right: scarcely 10 miles down the 10 Freeway from Downtown is a city just begging for you to take a look (and then stake a claim… this is the historic “End of the Santa Fe Trail,” after all!).

Take a look at these three homes, in ascending order of size, price and amenities, and then tell me where else around here you can find that kind of value! (What? Oh… right… in many of your past articles. Well, just doin’ my job, then.)


Under $300k…

Just over $300k…

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