Koreatown, Chinatown and Little Tokyo

Nestled next to or within downtown, these 3 neighborhoods offer a great value for the location. All close, all charming and all selling! With the vibrant Latino community and culture embedded in LA, people sometimes forget the other rich ethnic communites; Glendale has more Armenians than anywhere else in the world outside of Armenia.

Koreatown is seen as a “mini Seoul” boasting a huge Korean population with a posh nightlife that has upscale Karaoke studios and pool halls. But it’s the location that makes it’s real estate so desirable. As quoted in wikipedia;

“In 2000, the city of Los Angeles began to promote smart growth and removed many of the parking, low-housing, bed, pollution, tourist and new construction taxes that placed restrictions on any development and growth. With very little open land left in the city, the city eyed pre-1980’s Koreatown as the ideal and model for the future of L.A. Most importantly however, Koreatown is in the center of the city of Los Angeles.”

Check out these trulia.com condos and see what the K-Town market is like.


Aside from San Francisco and Oakland, this is the third biggest Chinatown in California. LA’s Chinatown is small but efficient — And I will refrain from any film references with incestual adultery staring Jack Nickolson. With shops and restaurants sprouting up, as well as the Geffen Museum. Like Koreatown, it offers a central location as well as access to the Metro. Check out these trulia.com listings to see what’s for sale in Chinatown.

Little Tokyo is by far the smallest of the three. If it weren’t for a YELP event I wouldn’t have even known it existed. But what a gem. Walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art, and enjoy one of only 3 Japantown’s in the entire state. It is home to these luxury lofts.


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