Los Angeles Living to Leave the Car Behind

A little while back I wrote an article on Westwood, an area of Los Angeles that is very walking friendly, and got some positive responses. People seem to like the idea of living in a place where they can actually get their groceries, grab a bite, see a movie, etc. without having to jump in their cars and sit in slow-and-go traffic for 40 minutes (that seems to be the magic number, by the way… whenever anyone asks me how long it takes to get anywhere, I just say 40 minutes and it’s usually pretty damn close to right).

So I thought, “Hey! Let’s run with that!” Thus today I shall profile three areas where you could live (almost) entirely without your car. Unless you wanted to go see a friend in Venice or Pasadena or South LA. All those will require some driving – say… 40 minutes worth? Anyway, I’ll give you briefs on each area, then one fine example of a condo that could be yours in said area.

We start with…

SANTA MONICA: A famous city, right by the beach, beautiful, blah blah. Santa Monica is a great place, we all know that. But so is, say, Malibu, and good luck without a car there. In many areas of Santa Monica, however, you can live in a lovely home and be within a five minute walk of groceries, fine upscale dining, casual cafes, bars, a movie theater and shops ranging from department stores to an REI to Rite Aid and beyond. (Oh and there’s that whole beaches along the Pacific Coast thing). Santa Monica is a large city, and much of it is more suburban and not as walking friendly. But as you move toward its charming downtown, see the laudatory list above and take a look at this awesome place.

BURBANK: Much of Burbank is entirely residential and does not fit our narrative of today. But we’re not talking about that part. Nor are we talking about the Warner Brothers or Disney lots. You can’t live there, sorry. Where I’m going to focus is on the downtown of the city, which is actually, ironically, near its very northern border, just north of the 5 Freeway. Along Glenoaks and San Fernando Boulevards from the east to west and roughly between Burbank Blvd. and Alameda Street running north to south is an area of Burbank where you can shoot pool, grab groceries, hit the mall, see films in several theaters, go to Ikea, eat at all types of restaurants and taverns… and so on. You could live on foot indefinitely. (And ironically, the DMV is not far down the road either!) Check out this available home for a taste:

WEST LOS ANGELES: Lots of people have trouble nailing down exactly where “West Los Angeles” denotes, exactly. Well, let me elucidate it for you… it’s east of the 405 but also some on the west of it. It’s north of the 10 Freeway (if you ask most people). It’s south of and not to be confused with Westwood and it’s west of Century City which kind of stops at… um… Overland? Or before that? OK! Fine! It’s hard to define. So I’ll find you a home near the intersection of Olympic and Sepulveda. That will give you what many Anglenos dream of… close access to two major highways! Wait! Forget I said that, we’re talking about NOT using your car! (Oh well, it’s still true.) This area affords you a shopping center, various ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The rent/mortgage here is decidedly lower than other areas and perhaps it’s got more… character… but stand by… I smell gentrification in the air…Check it out

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