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You could do a lot worse than Manhattan Beach when looking for a place to call home. While it is not, shall we say, gentle on the wallet to live there, I’ve found a few deals for you that will soften the blow. And when you see the area, you’ll be more ready to take the proverbial punch.

Manhattan Beach is a fully incorporated, independent city within the County of Los Angeles. And in fact it has been since 1910, making it a decently old city by west coast standards. The population is only around 35,000 and those folks are spread across just less than four square miles of land.

The downtown of this scenic city has plenty of restaurants and shops, many of them unique boutiques (sorry, that rhyme was not planned and came across sounding canned. Damn! Twice!). There is also a shopping mall – the Manhattan Village Mall – with department stores, a Pottery Barn, a Williams & Sonoma… the standard fare. Manhattan Beach is quite close to Los Angeles International Airport, thus getting away from home and then back again is a snap. It is something of a commute, however, to get to downtown LA and beyond. But why leave home? Just look at that beach!

And while we’re talking about homes… here you go, in order of ascending price:



230 ANDERSON Street

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