Marina del Rey – A Lovely Place to Call Home… if You Can Find One.

Lovely little Marina del Ray is home to fewer than 10,000 residents. And once someone buys a home here, it’s unlikely they’re going to up and move out again, so finding an available residence can be tricky. But that’s why we’re here for you.

The area, which is yet another unincorporated but “census-designated” area of Los Angeles County, gets its name, aptly, from the huge marina that dominates the region. The marina (which is really more than a dozen smaller marinas loosely connected) can dock over 5,000 small to medium sized boats. So if you own a boat or are just a general boating enthusiast, well, this may be a good place for you, captain.

Being so close to the water, it stays nice and cool in Marina del Rey all year round. The temperatures rarely go much above 80 degrees, even in the middle of the summer. With 45 degrees Fahrenheit being about as cold as it ever gets in winter, this is a pretty mild place, really. And a pretty new one, by the way: the area was not fully developed and the harbor not officially active until 1965 (that after decades of false starts, abandoned building projects, etc.).

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