Pacific Palisades — Beaches, Mountains and Lovely Homes

 Map of Pacific Palisades

Tucked between the cities of Santa Monica to the south and Malibu to the north and framed by the Pacific Ocean and a mountain chain to the west and east, respectively, Pacific Palisades is a beautiful but largely unknown neighborhood. Unknown, at least, to those new to or unfamiliar with the area.

And perhaps that’s how the 28,000 or so residents of this affluent Los Angeles neighborhood like it. But… with apologies, I’m shedding some light on the place anyway. It’s a fine place to call home, so why keep it a mystery for those looking for a new home?

Let’s set the record straight right off the bat: this is not a cheap place to live. The real estate in Pacific Palisades is premium stuff, and you’ll pay for it. This is not likely to be the neighborhood for first time home buyers. But it may just be the place for that forever home. I mean, just take a look…

Pacific Palisades Vista

There is, however, a catch. (There’s always a catch, isn’t there? Well this time it’s the good kind!)

One word… here it is: CONDOS!

OK, maybe you saw that coming from us. But if you want the Pacific Palisades address but are still building up that portfolio or 401k, here are a few examples of how you can get it. I’ll list the listings (I know… I know) in order of least expensive to most (which does indeed top out well into seven figures).

Less than $500k…

Less than $750k…

Just under $950k…

And… $1.25 million!


Image Courtesy GoogleMaps (C) 2011 and Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

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