Baldwin Hills – A Neighborhood on the Mend

Los Angeles has long been associated with endemic gang violence and crime issues. Unfortunately, for much of the city’s history, this association has been a relatively fair one. In the late 60s and again in the early 90s riots ripped much of the city asunder. In the times between regular criminal activities with occasional large flare ups of violence have been a sad part of the fabric of our city.
In recent years, much of the city has been very much on the rebound, as it were. From Downtown to South …

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A Foodie’s Guide to Los Angeles Markets

Let me start off by saying I am no great fan of the term “foodie” and, in fact, I’m surprised my spellchecker is letting it go without a stern red underline. I mean, aren’t we all foodies? In that we all need food? And don’t we already have the term “gourmand” to… well, whatever. The airwaves are cleared!
We’re taking a step back from discussing specific regions and the lovely condos they offer again today. Today I am going to tell you about some of the finest markets and shops for …

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Good Ol’ Santa Monica

Sure, I’ve mentioned a few condos in Santa Monica over the months, but I’ve never really told you about the city itself. If you knew more about it, maybe you’d visit and just maybe you’d want to call it home. Let’s take a look.
Beautiful, breezy Santa Monica is one of the most famous, iconic cities in Southern California. Arguably, it is one of the most famous cities in America: its name has been featured in songs, images of its beaches and beloved pier are plastered across postcards and it has …

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El Monte – Yet Another City in a City

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you have probably never heard of El Monte. If you do live here, you may well have heard of the place but know nothing about it. That, more and more these days, would be to your detriment.
Did you know, for example, that El Monte is a fully incorporated city in the central-eastern part of L.A. (in the San Gabriel Valley, for those in the know)? Or that it is home to well over 100,000 residents? Or that in the 18th century Spanish settlers, …

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Los Angeles Living to Leave the Car Behind

A little while back I wrote an article on Westwood, an area of Los Angeles that is very walking friendly, and got some positive responses. People seem to like the idea of living in a place where they can actually get their groceries, grab a bite, see a movie, etc. without having to jump in their cars and sit in slow-and-go traffic for 40 minutes (that seems to be the magic number, by the way… whenever anyone asks me how long it takes to get anywhere, I just say 40 …

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Independent (but assisted) Living for Los Angeles Area Seniors

Are you ready to have a comfortable, stable home life but far, far from ready to, quote, “settle down?” Well then I have the article for you. This one! Los Angeles is full of so-called senior citizens who may be ready for a safe, reliable place to call home and are certainly at a time in their lives when they appreciate and deserve the finest amenities available, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to check in and check out. Not by a long shot.

First let’s do the basic numbers. According …

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