Sunland-Tujunga, CA — The Next (LA) Frontier?

A few of my friends have bought homes in the Sunland-Tujunga recently, so I thought maybe I’d better look into the area. It turns out… they may be on to something. As long as you don’t mind a commute to downtown Los Angeles (and beyond), this area may be a good move for you and your family. Not only are there single family residences at great prices, but condos at pricetags that will have you jumping in the car to give a once over in person.

Historic Bolton Hall

Sunland and Tujunga were established as independent neighborhoods, but today are linked by a common police force, school system, etc. And while the region is perched at the very northeastern-most corner of Los Angeles County, when the 5 Freeway feels like behaving, you’re really not that far from all the other LA neighborhoods. That said, if you feel like a slower, quieter pace, then buy in Sunland and just stay home.

The charming, unique thing about so many regions of greater Los Angeles is just how decidedly “un-LA” they can feel. Many of our little cities and neighborhoods feel right out of a different place and even a different time. Sunland-Tujunga still meets those criteria; so if you’re looking for a smaller town vibe, make sure to look here. Oh, and the condos? Prices you can scarcely beat and still call Los Angeles County home. Just take a look!

Less than $200k…


$265k… with a pool!


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