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Looking To Purchase A Condo In LA?

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If you’re looking for a Los Angeles condo, you have found the right place.
Welcome to CondoDomain LA, your online destination for everything Los Angeles Real Estate.
When you are looking for a LA condo, the first thing you are looking for is an awesome new pad and last thing you are looking for is stress! The search for a new LA condo should be an exciting adventure and not a hassle.
Here at CondoDomain LA you can search for LA condominiums and lofts, tour Los Angeles properties, as well as get …

Baldwin Hills – A Neighborhood on the Mend

Los Angeles has long been associated with endemic gang violence and crime issues. Unfortunately, for much of the city’s history, this association has been a relatively fair one. In the late 60s and again in the early 90s riots ripped much of the city asunder. In the times between regular criminal activities with occasional large flare ups of violence have been a sad part of the fabric of our city.
In recent years, much of the city has been very much on the rebound, as it were. From Downtown to South …

Go Uptown to Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles has been a major focus for the city government for nearly a decade.  Officials in this part of town have sought to introduce new life into an area once forsaken.  The goal in this quickly gentrifying area has been to rid it of its massive homeless population and transform it into a desirable residential and commercial location.
That work has been paying off.  A recent study by The Downtown Center Business Improvement District concluded that the location is now a hotspot for the young and affluent.  The news …

Hollywood Home?

When out-of-towners think of “Hollywood,” they tend to picture an amalgamation of Beverly Hills, Malibu, Venice Beach, etc. Downtown Hollywood itself, while no longer the center of the film industry, per say, is certainly a hotbed of culture and interest. And it’s not at all an expensive place to call home. Just look at these condos to whet your appetite:
Hollywood Condo #1
Hollywood Condo #2
Hollywood Condo #3
Priced to sell and in great shape, your Hollywood home could be waiting. There’s always something to do and it’s usually just a walk away. …

5 L.A Neighborhoods on the Rise

This is the time in the real estate market when you can make a move. Whether you’re coming in with cash, are a first time home buyer, qualify for government incentives (military, teacher, fireman, etc) or simply have a stable job with a solid FICO score — you may be in position to make a run in LA.
So the question is where to look to get the deals. Below are 5 neighborhoods on the rise. Both in terms of real estate value as well as community (which often go hand …

Luxury Living in ‘Downtown Burbank’ — without ‘breaking the bank!’

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Front of Unit

The Burbank Collection offers new, luxury construction at mid-range LA prices. Enjoy resort-style living at its finest. If you are looking at Burbank, this is the ‘creme brulee’ of the town. The brand new condo offers a pedestrian lifestyle in the heart of bustling Burbank.
Of course it comes with the standard granite counters, upgraded carpet, tile floors and the like — Huge windows for tons of natural light… a given — this is luxury after all, people!

Personal Putting Green

But this place really goes above and beyond. Enjoy movie star …

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