West Hollywood — In the Middle of it All

Today West Hollywood — “The Creative City” as it proudly dubs itself — is a vibrant, eclectic city, known for great restaurants and bars, retailers ranging from high-end couture to the decidedly offbeat.

Famous boulevards and avenues pass through the neighborhood — Melrose, Sunset and Santa Monica, to name a few — bisected by little streets lined in charming homes and apartments.

The makeup of this city-within-a-city (a feature common to Los Angeles; unique to the area) has much to do with its neighbor, Beverly Hills, immediately to the West. There are plenty of single family residences with tiny but neat yards, but the rarity of turn over and price tags are something of a limit on moving into one.

However, many of the beautiful 1920s and 30s homes that line West Hollywood’s streets were built as duplexes or to house three or four families, often intended for the people who worked in the mansions of Beverly Hills’ wealthy residents.

Today many of those homes once thought of as “servant’s quarters” are some of the most sought after real estate in the LA area. They are well built (good old back-in-the-day construction) with all the little features that are so often left undone today: wainscoting, crown molding, nooks and built-ins, etc. And when you live in WeHo, everything is just a short walk away, be your goal groceries, live theater, a cocktail or a new outfit.

Most of these multi-family residences are rentals, but if you are lucky enough to score a condo in West Hollywood, you’re a happy home hunter. People who move to Los Angeles often find themselves drifting toward this central location and rarely find themselves leaving it again. And if you found a condo like this, why would you?

Not far from downtown, not far from the beach, close to Hollywood, just below the mountains… West Hollywood truly is in the middle of all that is Los Angeles. And with the aforementioned mix of things to do and the wide ranging kind of people you’ll meet there, in many ways it is a perfect slice of Los Angeles life.
Image courtesy of City of West Hollywood, CA
Images courtesy Sunset Strip Realty

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