Westwood Living — A Walking Town

Nobody walks in LA, right? Isn’t that what the song says? Well, that was then and this is now — that’s what I say. More and more, Angelenos are taking to the streets on bicycles, using public transportation, or simply using good old fashioned foot power. Or… I guess I could just say walking. If you’re looking for a neighborhood where you can leave your car parked and still have plenty within reach, take a look at Westwood.


As the name suggests, Westwood is a district of Los Angeles located, well, out west. Not quite coastal, Westwood is rather the last bastion of the concentrated mix of commercial and residential areas we know so well in this city before you reach Santa Monica. It is a business center, but it also boasts many blocks of homes, apartments or condos. Oh, and then there’s UCLA, by the way, not to mention a very good public school system.

Westwood is home not only to businesses and homes… but also to myriad restaurants, shops, bars, gyms and so on. There is much to eat, see and do. And there are condos for sale that run the gamut from multi-million dollar penthouses, to far more affordable units.


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